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The Holmes Museum  is open to the public from: Monday -Friday 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Closed Saturday and Sunday.)

The Museum is closed in June, July and August. Groups tours are welcome with a two week notice.

The museum is free to the public, donations are accepted.


Museum Courses

ANTHR 606 Museum Methods 3 credit hours. An introduction to museum techniques relating to the acquisition of collections and related procedures, presentation, and storage. Emphasizing current trends in museological philosophy concerning purpose, function, and relevance of museums, as well as career opportunities. Prerequisite: instructor's consent.

ANTHR 607 Museum Exhibitions 3 credit hours. Contemporary philosophy of exhibition design and the application of recent concepts to the planning and installation of an exhibition. Prerequisite

ANTHR 606 or instructor's consent. Other courses that can be taken towards an emphasis in Museum Studies.

ANTHRO 597B Museum Studies 1-3 credit hours Topics in Anthropology (3). Detailed study of topics in anthropology. Content varies with interest of instructor. Consult Schedule of Courses for current topic. Prerequisite: instructor's consent.

ANTHR 870, Independent Readings 2-3 credit hours. Repeatable up to 6 hours. Prerequisite: department consent.

ANTHRO 873-874 Advanced Project in Anthropology 2-2 credit hours. In consultation with their major advisor and committee, students design a project (e.g., a museum exhibit, a written plan for an international business venture, a lesson plan for an anthropology unit in schools) that applies anthropological method and theory to the specific needs of an institution, group, or population. Requires a tangible end product (e.g., paper, thesaurus, and/or visual production or exhibit). May be repeated, but limited to a total of 4 credit hours. Prerequisite: committee consent.

ANTHR 875-876. Thesis (2-2).